Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Pictures

Taz cannot stand to have a shirt on.  When he successfully strips it, he walks around the house saying "shirt, no shirt."  Except, he cannot pronounce the "r."  So, really he goes around the house saying "sh*t, no sh*t."  And, like any good 2 year-old, anything worth saying once is worth saying 500 times... in. a. row.

Dual potty training.  Not recommended.  Their faces tell the story of whose succeeding and whose not

Last weekend was our area's local Holt picnic.  I don't think I'd be exaggerating to say it was 5 billion degrees.  Zoom forgot his shoes, I forgot the cooler, and Raven stole a package of crackers at QT where we stopped for a shoe-less kid potty break.  Good thing we've already passed our homestudy ...

It's been a crazy week of teeth falling out.  Zoom could not have been more excited to lose his first tooth.
(one could get lost in those dimples, no?)

 The Eldest has been down this road a time or two.  She left her tooth in a cup next to her bed (lest the tooth fairy once again fail because he "couldn't find her tooth") along with a thank-you note.  That's my girl

In no way, shape or form do the men in my house suffer from low self esteem

I could not be more delighted Taz figured out yet another life-endangering trick.  And better yet, Raven is always right there to assist him in shutting the dryer door.

Since the Joplin tornado rendered baby sister homeless, she's been staying at our house a lot more (which we love).  She's always possessed this amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere and sleep through anything.  Here her friends are demonstrating her super powers by piling things (step-stool, vacuum, pillows, blankets, toys, etc) all over her and posing for photos.  She woke up the next day to find said pictures plastered all over facebook, but didn't find this half as hilarious as everyone else did.  hmmm?

 I wonder why my kitchen table needed refinishing?

Two of the least daring kids I know ... but they put on a good show

This creature, the size of my head, was found on our back porch, but I'm happy to report that we're all still alive.


  1. Taz CRACKS me up!!   The dryer, really???  And I thought, dang, that kid (Zoom) leaves his shoes all the time...he just did that the other day when they went to .... the....Holt....picnic....Ya, same story, took me a minute to put that together. Too much heat today!

  2. It was great to meet you at the picnic.  Wish we could have had more time to talk, but it was just me and the kids.  I spent my time chasing 3 year olds.  LOL 

  3. Murdock - I love, love, love it when you do a "Week in Pictures"!  But of course it always makes me wish I was there to hug them all!  Love you!!

  4. the potty pic makes me giggly, as does pretty much everything you shared about your week. i'm so glad we're not the only crazy ship in the dock, and i mean that in the most heartfelt way.

    ps honey, i need some warning before giant arachnid photos. (something along the lines of 'nic and all other wimps, please avert your eyes' will do.)

  5. Debbie - good to meet you too.  Would have loved to chat with you (and others), but whiney kids and 5 billion degree temps weren't having it!  Next time ....

  6. LOL.  Nic - promise, next time I post a pic of a giant spider (please, please let there be no next time), I will give you a big warning.

    I *wish* I could have captured a good video of everyone screaming like school girls