Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Shuts Down an Orphanage?

We received the punch-in-the-gut news a couple of days ago that the license for three major orphanage's close to our heart has been revoked by the Ethiopian government ... sadly, the orphanage where our boys lived out a good deal of their little lives thus far is on that list.  Lots of speculation as to WHY and ugly nasty (hopefully untrue) rumors of arrests of orphanage directors are flying wildly across the internet.  The pretty picture story from the agencies involved is that it is because this particular set of orphanages didn't participate in enough humanitarian aid in the community (disclaimer:  orphanages and agencies are separate, so this does not reflect on the amount of humanitarian aid a particular agency may or may not be participating in ... it's a tangled web).  I'm not going to comment on my speculation, BUT I will say that I do not think it is because of substandard care of the children.  I personally witnessed very loving and attentive care of the children.

This humanitarian alibi - maybe that's all it is?  I hope and pray that's all it is. Unfortunately, the longer I traverse this crazy world the more clouded, fuzzy and downright LOST my rose colored glass become.  My heart is heavy.  If I could just find that big pile of sand and see if my head will still fit ...

What does this mean for us?
* No orphanage license means no local social workers which means any pictures or updates we send will not be taken to birth family (hopefully agency figures out a plan B very quickly)
* Our agency will not be able to facilitate another meeting between us and the boys' birth father when we travel to adopt MB (again, hoping, praying and pushing for a plan B)
* Our biggest concern:  Will this cause yet another major delay to MB's case?  He's already been in care far longer than almost all of his peers and oh, how my heart aches for him.

Please pray for this situation.  Pray for all the children and birth families stuck in the middle, and that when the dust settles over all of this, justice and mercy will prevail for both.  And please pray for MB.  He's been without a family far too long.  Please Lord, no more delays.

"Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, for their Defender is strong; he will take up their case against you" Proverbs 23:10-11


  1. Can I borrow some of this? I'm feeling the same...but don't feel like writing it out...

  2. Oh man, that is not good news. Makes me sad. Email me what you think is really going on! I'm kind of clueless! I am praying!

  3. WisNorthwoodsFamJuly 9, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    Have been following your blog for a while now.  My family began the adoption process in March 2011, just finishing our dossier as of now, and also working with Holt.  Praying for your family as we all struggle to accept God's timing and challenges throughout this amazing process.  Just wanted you to know you are covered in prayer.

  4. Thank you for your prayers.  We do appreciate it