Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Update - Why?

Just an update to my amazing baby shower.  I have to admit, this is probably the funnest baby shower I have ever been thrown (thanks Megan and Semi-Feral Mama).  No awkwardly opening gifts in front of a room full of people, no letting people wrap toilet paper around my massive abdomen, and no guessing what kind of "poo" is in the diaper.  Not only that, but I know that these gifts will not need to be returned or lay unused cluttering up a closet.  Who really needs a baby wipe warmer, anyway?

For $13 FOVC can feed one starving child for one month.  So far, this shower has raised $710.  If you're amazing at math like myself, you know that 54 kids who didn't have food today, will have food tomorrow and for the next month because of the generosity of a select few.  Wow!  Can we make it 100 kids?  Will you please help me spread the word?  How hard is it to post this link to Facebook or to your blog?  Pretty please!

Of all the great charities out there, why have I chose to rally behind FOVC?  A few simple reasons:

1) There are a lot of other great charities that are working to fight this famine, and I (despite my cynicism of big organizations) have supported them.  But FOVC is the only NGO working directly in the areas my boys are from, and where their first families still live.  Even if I liked nothing else about FOVC, this one simple fact would make me want to support them.  Thankfully, there are lots of other things I like about them:

2) They are a very small grassroots organization and very conservative with their money.  All their workers are volunteers, and they do all their traveling on their own dime, which means all the money we give goes directly to feeding the kids and helping their community fight poverty with long-term goals in mind.

3) I have a close friend who has done aid work with them in Ethiopia (and is on her way back in a few weeks), knows many personal details about how they operate and spend their money.  She's a Dave Ramsey fiscal conservative like myself, and she fully endorses them.  They have an independent bookkeeper who verifies that over 96% of the funds go directly to Ethiopia.

4) Directly from the president of FOVC:  "We have an amazing team of volunteers! Our board members and officers (if I do say so myself) are doing outstanding work! We spend a lot of time and effort educating ourselves on best practices of economic development (it's what my husband does!) and strive to implement every program using best practices. This means we empower, not enable. Every effort we undertake is aimed at offering long-term sustainability, success...and HOPE

Have I convinced you they're great?

Click here and support them:

And then (this part is optional), click here and tell MB how excited you are about his arrival into our family.

And, if you really really love me, copy this link on Facebook or your blog.

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  1. So happy your shower was such a success!  I LOVE that you used that picture in your blog post (I took that picture!).  It's been fun to see my pictures floating around the internet.  I can't wait to get back to Ethiopia and take more pictures.