Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures From The Crazy Nesting Mom

My friend, Semi-Feral Mama, suggested I might be nesting.  We'll go with that theory, because the other theories involve medication and men in white coats.  I recently did a laundry room make-over in an attempt to make laundry day/kid school crap more organized and slightly less work.  I've also had a recent obsession with this organizing blog, which has inspired a lot of my craziness.

I regret to say, I took no "before" pictures.  So sad.  I'll do better next time.  Here's the after:

Most of my kid's clothes are hung up in "outfits."  This sort of dad-proofs the children getting dressed (in clothes that match) as well as keeps their rooms and drawers neater.  With the upcoming addition of MB, I needed an extra hook which was the original inspiration for this room's makeover.

I started with a trip to Home Depot.  I bought two pine boards, one 1x6, and one 1x12 (about $12 total).  I bought them both the same standard 6' length, so no carpentry skills (aka, skill saw) were required.   I then stained with some leftover stain, and then screwed them into studs.  I hung pics that will work as "labels" for each person's hook, made via this mod-podge project.

just in case there was some confusion about what this room is, I hung up this sign.

These amazing labels help kids and dad sort the laundry as the week goes, thus making my work on laundry day much much less.

This is what it looks like on laundry day.  My bigs are now in charge of putting the laundry away (my least favorite chore ever)

Although I love my new laundry room, I gotta admit that having to look at that middle hook empty every week does make me kinda sad. 


  1. Look at you go!! Will you come and do my house? 

  2. I love it!  In fact, I think your laundry room looks nicer than my living room.  I'm feeling like an organizational failure right about now.  :-<
    Praying MB's hook is filled and you're complaining SOON about how it's possible that with just one additional child, the laundry seems to have tripled!!  ;-)

  3. Lori - at the moment, my laundry room looks nicer than my living room too :)  I think I've found an outlet for things I can control right now, and it's called organization madness.

  4. this whole room is sheer brilliance...and i had my first grin of the day at dad-proofing. you are a genius.