Monday, September 12, 2011

My Kinda Camping

We used to be a camping family.  Really we did.  We had all the "stuff" all good campers need.  The last couple of times we camped, our delicate princess flower screamed for hours into the night.  Sometime around the fourth watch, after hours of screaming, we decided no more camping.  For a long time.  My bigs miss it a lot and I miss seeing them enjoy nature, their own imaginations and dirt for hours on end.

I'm still not brave enough to attempt "normal" camping with my young brood.  We recently found Jellystone Campgrounds online.  They have all sorts of cheesy kid entertainment, group projects, hay and firetruck rides, playgrounds, bouncy things, swimming pools and more.  Though this sounds like torture to this introverted mom, it was heaven to my extroverted brood of kids, and the staff at the campground had a great way of making these awful group activities seem (almost) fun, to even me.  Most importantly, they have air conditioned cabins.

Taz was not a fan of Yogi.

Zoom was that obnoxious kid all weekend, pointing out the subtle fact that (SPOIL ALERT) Yogi wasn't a real bear but really someone in a bear costume.

They had this awesome, super fun, bouncy pillow thing dug into the ground - sort of moonwalk meets trampoline.  Not sure which kid loved it the most, but I'd put my money on the big one jumping the highest.

like any great dad, he is not afraid to trample children for the sake of a good time

and what fun would a giant in-ground bouncy pillow be without a game of King of the Pillow Mountain?

Renny:  Small but mighty using her Ka-ra-TAY skills to push her dad off

Check out The Eldest in the background.  Love this pic.

teaching the kids some old school tetherball

Free face-painting.  There were two face-painters and in true Eldest fashion, Renny scoped out each one's artistic abilities before making her line selection.  Although all are really cute, Renny's face-painter was a professional

Renny debated for a long time after the facepainting session:  To swim or not to swim.  She decided to swim, but not get her face wet.  Enter friends and siblings stage left and (huge surprise) project dry-face was a big fail.

Raven's idea of a good time in a swimming pool

Taz's idea of a good time in a swimming pool

last but certainly not least, air conditioning ...

a real bed that doesn't have to be blown up

and cartoons (which is like salvation at 6:30 in the morning)


  1. Love it! We did our fair share of tent camping as well. Now we have a camper so we never have to risk that no air conditioning, no cartoon thing you speak of! Happy kids equals happy mom! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. You know what would have made this even more fun?  If we were there.  Seriously, we would be so into meeting you guys at a place like this.  I believe Taz and Little Dude could have the head off of Yogi in less than 10 minutes.

  3. That looks like a great place!  And thank you for the awesome pictures!!

  4. Ahhh, that would have been so fun.  Let's do it next year!

    And yes, Yogi never would have stood a chance with those two.