Friday, October 28, 2011

Dubai Day One, A Picture Book

A Picture Book, not because we got such great pictures, but mostly because I'm too dang tired to write much.  We arrived in Dubai late last night.  Today's marathon events included ice skating in the desert, visiting the Gold Souk, the world's tallest building, the world's biggest aquarium and the world's largest mall.  I'm going to venture a guess that we also sampled the world's largest amount of cologne and b.o., but that's unofficial.  I wonder why they call this the land of superlatives?

View of the skyline from our first day hotel window.  Pretty smoggy, probably because it was about a billion degrees outside (aka 31 degrees Celsius, which really means nothing to this bad-at-math-American)

Our hotel 2nd day.  Did I mention we got 2 free nights here (something close to a $1000 value)?  Stay tuned for my How To Turn an Adoption Trip into a Romantic Vacation for Very Little Extra Money...

 He totally blends into the sculptures, doesn't he?

 No idea what this building is called, but it must be very famous because it's on all the postcards

View from our dinner patio

 World's Tallest Building by day.  We had hoped to go to the top, but tickets were sold out :(

by night

We miss our children and we long for the few days that separate us from MB, but if I'm being totally honest - man, we are having a good time.  The fact that we are currently enjoying the richest part of the world while our future son waits for us in one of the poorest parts of the world has not escaped me, and I'm actively stifling the guilt.  My excuse - we are soon to have five young children.  We will not get this chance again for a very long time.  Complete and utter justification, no?  If you think I'm being selfishly awful, please send your comments to idon'  Thanks!


  1. Is that your new email address??  Haha, just teasing.  Um, I have no knowledge of Dubai except for what you've told me, I really have NO IDEA where on this earth you are.  What I am saying is didn't have to rat yourself out that you are in one of the richest parts of the world and I have no idea what the gold souk means or is.
    Enjoy love!

  2. fascinating that place! can't wait to read/see more!