Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Renny's Thank You Speech

God has certainly blessed me with this little girl.  She made this totally impromptu speech just before we counted her "earnings" Sunday.  Last night she was asking me how long they expected the famine in Africa to last.  She said that if it was still going on during her birthday, she would like people to give her money so she could donate it to FOVC.  I told her we hoped the worst of it would be long over by March, but unfortunately there will always be a need in that part of the world.

Lots of folks get pessimistic about the future of our world.  If this is it though, I'd say we're in good shape!


  1. How I love that wonderful girl - she s SO amazing!  And on a related not, I love my beautiful sky-blue FOVC t-shirt, too!

  2. Whew!  I almost did the ugly cry. Again.

  3. that is the best video ever!!