Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Menu - Crock Pot Sega Wat

Not only is Sega Wat my favorite Ethiopian dish, but I'm predisposed to love ANYTHING that can be made in the crock pot.

Crock Pot Sega Wat
2-ish pounds round steak, sirloin steak, etc, cubed
1/2 cup oil
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp salt
1-1/2 tbsp berbere (more if you like it hot)
1/2 tsp cardamon
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp meklesha (optional)

Easy peasy ... add all ingredients to the crock in the morning, cook on low for 8-ish hours or high for a few hours less.

Serve with injera.

Full disclosure:  This is not how my Ethiopian friends taught me to cook this recipe.  They might be mortified to know how this lazy American modified their beloved family recipe in order to cook it in the crock pot, but it did seem to taste just about the same either way.


  1. A.  Who doesn't love a crock pot??
    B.  I'm starting to look forward to Monday mornings just to see your new recipe.  And that's saying a lot. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for the idea!  I think we might try that tonight, but with chicken...hope it comes out ok :)

  3. Cassie - I have a recipe for crock pot Doro Wat, and it is pretty similar to the above recipe (slightly more salt, garlic and berbere + fresh ground ginger), but I'm trying to perfect my recipe a little more before I publish that one.  It's been coming out a little too watery.

    I would recommend using bone-in chicken though.  I've tried it with boneless chicken breast and it came out too dry.  Let me know how it turns out!  I love crock pot recipes and they are always worth experimenting with in my book.

  4. I freakin' love you right now. That seems totally doable for me. Also, what the hell is meklesha?

  5. Tesi - beats me!  It is a spice that our local Ethiopian restaurant sold my husband when he was in there several months ago (they sold it to him in place of another spice I was specifically asking for, but I don't remember what that was now).  I think it is something you could add to just about any Ethiopian dish (at the end - sort of like salt), but most recipes don't call for it.  I haven't really been able to identify the taste or difference when I do/don't use it.

    1. Mekelesha or Kimen Wot is a blend of 7 spices - Korerima - Cloves - Cinnamon Sticks - Whole Black Pepper - Cumin - Nutmeg - Timiz / Indian Long Pepper

  6. Woops, I just threw my chicken breast in the crock pot. If you get your Dora Wat recipe perfected please pass it on.  I love trying out the Ethiopian spices we have...but I'm with Tesi I don't have meklesha.

  7. yay!!!!!!  I can do THIS!  Thanks!

  8. I have just discovered Ethiopian cuisine and I'm in love. I'm looking for a good injera recipe using teff and millet flours only. Can you share your recipe and tips?


  9. Made this tonight w/o any modifications...delicious! Only wish I had made more...

  10. that looks amazing! totally making that later this week!


  11. Thanks for your efforts. I LOVE Ethiopian food and this looks so convenient!