Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Recap

I know - over a week late and not on the ball, not even in the same room as the ball, but here's my quick recap ...

I sort of had a love/hate relationship with Christmas this year.  I had four beautiful kiddos under my roof squeeling with delight over the presents savior's birth.  I had one little man thousands of miles away with not even a clue about the significance of this day.  I had a very hard time delighting in spending gobs of money on stuff people didn't really need (or maybe even want) when half my heart was in Ethiopia, but for the sake of not being a total downer, I tried.  I tried to delight in the blessings God has given me this year to enjoy, to laugh at to love and to serve ...

Taz - Being 2-1/2, he was all about ripping into presents and eating cake.  We intentionally didn't let him open any presents (or witness any present opening) until the day before Christmas because once he learned those shiny square boxes were meant for ripping, kinda like a dog with his first taste of blood, there was absolutely no stopping him (animal people out there - is there really truth in this saying?).

Raven - If you asked her pre-Christmas what she wanted, she consistently said "For Kismas, I want two babies" ... and two babies she definitely got.  She was delighted with the presents, loved the attention and snuck sweets at every opportunity.

Zoom - Zoom's favorite present was (insert non-approving sigh from Mom) an air-soft gun.  Apparently these are made to shoot people with.  On purpose.  For fun.  I will NEVER understand boys.  When he opened it, his squeel resemembled a 13 year-old girls' slumber party where Justin Bieber just made a surprise appearance.  I'm sure Mr T had an extreme mixture of pride and shame at that moment.  Speaking of Mr T - he apparently approved this gift (from Papa).  Remind me to have his head checked.  But don't worry - the gun came with this warning ...

not even joking.  again, I will never understand boys.

Renny - She told me months ago that apparently EVERY girl in her class has an American Girl Doll.  Remind me to check into changing schools ;).  I let her know my opinion of dolls that cost over $100 and clothes that cost 4 times the amount of money I spend on my real children's clothes.  She didn't seem to care.  As it happens, a dear friend of mine has a daughter who has a dozen+ such dolls, several of which she has outgrown, and she very generously passed three on to us with lots of matching clothes/accessories.  Renny got to pick her favorite, one went to Raven, and the other to my god-daughter Josie.  I had three excited little girls on my hands.

The Scavenger Hunt - Mr T planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for Renny and Zoom to tell them that their present from Mom and Dad was a trip to Ethiopia (did I mention we are definitely taking Renny and Zoom with us to Ethiopia?  Eeeekkkk!).  He had riddles and clues and general awesomeness.  As with any well-laid plan with high expectations, this one ended somewhat drastically.  I might have screwed up the clues and, when the gift was finally guessed by Renny, Zoom might have exclaimed he didn't want to go.  He has since come around and they are both very excited, but initial reaction wasn't exactly what we were shooting for.

And now, even though I was somewhat lax with my picture taking, here's the photo recap:

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will truly enjoy and share the Lord's blessings in 2012.


  1. Ok I love this. I feel like I need photo explanations to really appreciate them. ;) And also I used that wrapping paper. :)

  2. Hey, what are your sisters and Jeff holding?

  3. I would totally frame that warning insert. That is pure genius.

  4. Shiloh - they are murals I made them that had pictures of their houses and neighborhoods (or what was left of them) after the tornado.  I wanted them to always remember how the Lord protected them, and how he must have great plans for them ...

  5. okay, that 'do not let the baby hold the gun' picture is FABULOUS!

  6. love this recap, and i think your renny and my lauren go to the EXACT SAME SCHOOL. what are the odds?