Friday, February 17, 2012

Ethiopia Trip Journal Day 3 - Heading South

This morning we headed to Lake Awassa, about five hours south of Addis. Though we didn't get to our hotel til after midnight last night, somehow we are all more refreshed than expected.  The kids are excited to see Ethiopia and though it is a long drive, the warmth and sun feels like heaven on this midwest gal's bleached winter skin.

I am shocked by how brown everything is.  The last time I traveled south was nearly two years ago, May 2010.  Though that was a different season, which could explain some of the change, our driver and friend Selam says a lot of it had to do with the draught.  It is a sad change indeed, but still a beautiful country.

Selam (Tsegaw's daughter) was a wonderful guide and amazing with Renny and Zoom.  Sort of felt like we had a friend, guide and nanny built into one.

 because it wouldn't be Africa without drinking Coke from the bottle.
 we finally arrived at our resort, Haile Resort on Lake Awassa, which was amazingly beautiful.

playing peek-a-boo with lizards

 she's looking more Ethiopian every second, no?

You should have seen the crowd of gawkers these screaming white kids in a freezing cold pool drew.  Seriously, everyone was staring, laughing, whipping out their cameras.

And tomorrow we head to the water in search of wildlife.  Like most plans made in Ethiopia, we don't exactly know what we're getting ourselves into, but we shall see ...

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  1. Ah, you made me so thirsty for a Coke in a bottle! Love seeing the photos. So excited for your family. :)

  2. Your pics make me miss Africa! It's been 10 yrs since I've been there -such an amazing country and continent!

  3. Luv' ya sis. Take care of my brother! Hi, Lyla! What's happening Timothy? Give my love to B. K-Love rocks! I'm sorry for grieving your spirits in our Father's house.
    "All I know is I'm not where I belong! Take this world and give me Jesus! This is not where I belong."
    I love you...Jamey

  4. The brown in this post freaks me out. How is it possible? It seems like such a verdant place when we were there. I can't imagine that it could dry out THAT MUCH. It really, really freaks me out.

    1. I know. So sad, right? It's a different highway than the one we took in 2010, but it's not that far apart, so I can't imagine it making that big of a difference. Broke my heart.