Monday, February 13, 2012

This Week - And A Giveaway

Hopefully we are all healthy and in the midst of enjoying southern Ethiopia's rich culture and beauty.  Hopefully we are enjoying Lake Awasa, have seen hippos, baboons, monkeys and no one is puking their guts out.  I'm scheduling this post before I leave to tell you about something really important:

My mom. 

While I'm off seeing the world, someone has got to stay home with the babies.  And that incredibly hard job falls mostly on my mom (though my sister is coming up both weekends to provide some respite care).

Here's the thing.  My mom - she just quit smoking.  She has smoked for over 40 years and never went more than a day without a cigarette.  She is currently on day 35-ish of NO SMOKING.

Let's have a round of applause, shall we?  So incredibly PROUD OF HER!

Here's the other thing.  My mom - she's watching my two toddlers.  Perhaps you can put two and two together, but I bet she's having a pretty rough go of things right now.  I bet she wants a cigarette (and maybe a Valium) BAD!

Here's how you dear readers (best readers in the world) can help.  If you know her personally, send her a box of chocolates, go on her facebook wall and tell her how proud of her you are, give her words of encouragement, ideas to get her mind off the smokes, dirty jokes to distract her ... anything.  If you don't know her (which is most of you), put all that stuff in the comment section, will you?  I'm just bettin that she'll be a whole lot less likely to want a puff if she's reading all of your goodness.

Here's some incentive.  I will randomly pick a winner from the comment section and send you a 500 g bag (the big one) of Tomoca coffee beans that I will buy this week in Ethiopia (doesn't get much fresher than that.  sorry, US only).  Leave as many comments as you want, but they all have to be legit encouragement, ideas, jokes, stories, etc (no spammers please).  Knowing my mom, she's gonna enjoy the jokes the most.

Contest ends Sunday Feb 19th at midnight.

To put a face to a name, here she is and her name is Joyce, and she is probably going to be super embarrassed for me calling her out like this (which kind of makes this game all the more fun).  These might be the only two pictures in existence where my mom isn't holding bunny ears over somebody's head.

Love you mom!  So proud of you.

and the winner is comment number 4.  Congratulations Sarah!

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  1. Joyce, you are a strong woman! You are such a blessing to your family. I can only imagine how hard it is to quit smoking while watching toddlers, but you are doing it!! WAY TO GO!

  2. Enjoy those sweet grandbabies. I'm sure you will be fine, but if you need anything let us know. Linda Townsend

  3. Joyce, Congratulations!! Quitting smoking is no small feat! Watching toddlers is also no small feat, so kuddos to you! (you brave woman!) I don't know any jokes, but here's a little thing - probably only funny to Shonda - but ridiculously funny to me. We got ANOTHER puppy. Because adopting a 4 yr old boy and then getting one puppy who weighs 90 lbs. at 1 year old wasn't enough. We needed another puppy, too. I know that, deep down, Shonda really wants a puppy, too. Right Shonda? So, here's what I think. Bring MB home, wait about 6 months until you start sleeping through the night again, and then get a puppy. Then, wait about another year when you're still not sleeping through the night from the first puppy, and get another puppy. :-) Great idea, right? And, then, Joyce, when Shonda wants to get away again, you can not only watch ALL the kids, but also the puppies! Fun!!! Now see, watching the two toddlers doesn't seem so bad, right? ;-)

  4. Joyce, thank you for bringing Captain Murdock into the world! She is a sweet, intelligent, brave person. I'm not at all surprised that you would take on these days of caring for toddlers, after meeting her.

    I wish you the best of luck--35 days is nothing to sneeze at! It's an incredible accomplishment. Remember what Fletcher Knebel once said: Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.

    1. WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner. Congratulations Sarah!

    2. Whoo-hoo! So excited for the coffee, and so happy you and your family are home safe and sound.

  5. Hahahaha, Lori, if there is a puppy invovled now, it won't be because the Captain gets it williningly, it will be because you planted that delicious idea of revenge in Joyce's head!!!

    Joyce, it IS AMAZING that you have quit smoking. Impressive, amazing, fanfreakingtabulous!! You rock!! You know how to get me if you need anything, I told Erin the same thing. I can make you my best dinner, pizza delivery anyone??

    Oh, and a joke, clean and slightly dememented....I have a friend who has figured out how to make holy water. You just boil the he11 out of it!! hahahaha, so funny right? Ya sorry, it's all I got!

  6. Haha - Shonda (your in trouble) Actually I'm not craving a cigarette or valium but could go for some speed right now! Lets see - we can't play favorites so all 5 kids need a puppy of their own and why wait 6 months. (sorry Lori & Eric I hope this doesn't disqualify you from winning)

    1. Oh I love you all too! & Beth & Erin!
      Make sure you bring the correct monkeys home with you!

  7. Oh Joyce, I have no speed and no cigarettes. And I can't even think of a joke to tell you. But I know you will make it through this week and be ready for the next round when "God Will Add - Again" Seriously, she really needs to change the name of this blog.

  8. Interesting...a. Just this morning, I happened to go to your first few blogs after Joseph came home and moms first picture with Joseph at the airport involved bunny ears. b. I think that the picture with me was taken as the bunny ears were heading towards my i'm not sure that it counts. =) Good job being smoke-free, mom!!

  9. Joyce, that is an amazing achievement!! Please give yourself a hug pat on the back from me! And even more so staying that way while having 2 little ones to chase after all day! Congrats!!!
    Corina Burgin

  10. Yay for being smoke-free for over a month, joyce! good work! I have no jokes, but I can remind you of one of your funniest jokes. Remember when erin and i were telling you our ideas for decorating themes for our apartment and you asked if Erin's room would be deffenbaugh themed?! haha. I'll be in KC this weekend, so i'll see you soon- and I want to be part of the airport-welcome home party this time!! :) Good job being an awesome grandma! See you soon.

  11. "Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." -- Brooke Shields Hang in there, Shonda's mom. Tomoca. Mmmm..... :-)

  12. Joyce, what a GREAT mom you are :) I know you are having a great time with those little ones!! And Captain Murdock has peace of mind knowing they are in good hands! :)

    How AWESOME that you are giving up smoking! My mom has been in your shoes a couple of times now. Has smoked for about as long, too. I am proud of my mom like the Captain is proud of you! So I asked my mom to send some encouragement for you & she did via text message. So here it is ... "Think how much better you feel, how much time you're adding to your life, how much better you smell, how much better your taste buds are so you can enjoy food more ... and how much money you are saving"

    I hope this encourages you that it will ALL be WORTH IT in the end!! :) One day at a time ... hugs & love!!!!

  13. joyce, i am busting out my repertoire of jokes just for you. i apologize in advance.

    joke #1: why did the tomato turn red? because he saw the salad dressing!
    #2: which day of the week do fish not like? fry-day!
    #3: why did the kid cross the playground? to get to the other slide!

    i know, even i am cringing at the caliber of my humor, but they are a big hit with the under-7 crowd, i promise.

    without even knowing you, i know that you are the BEST kind of mom. thanks for taking such good care of those grandbabies.

  14. Gotta love a mom willing to do the grunt work...oh wait, BEING a mom IS grunt work. :) Legend has it when my MIL was watching my toddler/preschooler while we were in Ethiopia bringing home another toddler her relief worker came in and found her on lying on the couch the house/boys in chaos with her voice weakly saying, "there's no keeping it clean, it's pointless". May you have better luck than that! And hey, it could always be worse! At least Captain doesn't homeschool her kids. :)

    I'm really really hoping to win this coffee because I'm sitting her drinking the worst/weakest cup of coffee I've EVER had. I should have sent you to Ethiopia with a shopping list for me!

  15. The good news is that you'll be waaaaaay too busy to think about smoking! New routines are great for helping to break habits. A semi joke: Smoking sections in restaurants are like having a peeing section in a swimming pool. And for more visual entertainment:
    Good luck and enjoy the grandkids. You are a godsend to your daughter!

  16. You can do it Joyce!!!! There's no doubt you're a pretty amazing woman if you are Captain's mama! I'll be praying for you every day! Hugs!

  17. joyce - you can SO do this!! keep your focus and you will be golden!!
    I will be praying for you!