Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Ethiopian Children Do When They Lose Teeth

I think we just barely missed MB's first lost tooth, but we were here for the second one.  Today he was sitting on the couch, working on the tooth for about ten minutes.  He successfully yanked it out, yelled wech (outside). I opened the door for him, he ran out in the yard and chucked that tooth as far is it would go.  I had read that in some places in Africa, kids throw their tooth on the roof, but he was clearly aiming for the yard.

Older child adoption is hard, h.a.r.d. (I realize I'm only a week in, and I'll write more about our transition eventually), but I wouldn't trade moments like this for anything.

(sorry, no clue how to make this so it's not sideways)

I wonder if I could train my other kids to throw their teeth in the yard, because tooth fairy patrol is one of my least favorite jobs.

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  1. Love it! Could explain why Markos was terrified of the idea of the tooth fairy coming into his room while he was sleeping and insisted on leaving his tooth in OUR room that night! :-)

  2. Teeth get thrown outside. Good to know. :)

  3. Wish I could convince my kids to throw their kids on the roof so that I wouldn't have to scrap around for enough quarters.

  4. Our almost six year old son, who came home just 7 months ago, just lost his first tooth... We threw it on the roof, per his instructions. :) we have to treasure these milestones with our older kids... Hang in there, it does get easier!

  5. whoever thought up this Under the Pillow Tooth Fairy Business should be fired on the spot. the yard is perfect.

    and i am heartily amen-ing the difficulty of older child adoption. the hardness continues for us, but somehow that doesn't keep me from believing that things will steadily improve for you.

    keep on keeping on, my girl.

  6. Oh, that's really interesting!

    I hope you are doing okay in the middle of all the madness. It must be a really tough / wonderful/ terrible / joyful/ stressful / tiring time, I guess.

  7. This is hilarious. When he speaks more English, I think he should make a tutorial video on where lost teeth go, you can market it here, American parents will go crazy and buy it in order to save money on the tooth fairy, and you can make a million bucks to go back to his first country. Eh??

    1. LOVE it! I'm already trying to convince Renny and Zoom this is what they need to do with their teeth, and then I'll just hand them a dollar. They're almost on board.

  8. Yep, Our daughter (age 9) told us in her village when they lose teeth, they throw them on the roof.