Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty, Choke Holds and Outtakes



Choke holds...

and outtakes...

Last Sunday morning, as we're running late and trying to get out the door for church, I decided to attempt to grab pics of all five kiddos together.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as perfect timing to attempt a photo shoot, but let's be honest - this is about the only time during the week that there's even a chance that all five kids will be remotely clean and dressed.  Zoom and MB loved sporting their matching outfits.  Taz was still too young to care.   When my two older boys walked into Sunday School their teacher asked if they were twins.  Zoom said "no, but we get that question a lot.  I'm actually older" :)

Man I love these kids, no way I deserve them!


  1. What beautiful pics!! Your kiddos are precious!

  2. beautiful! I think awards should be given for even attempting photo shoots with multiple children under the age of....oh, 14!! And, when you throw in matching outfits, well, surely you deserve the top prize! ;-)

  3. Love these. We may have to head down I70 sooner rather than later.

  4. these are amazing. i love it so much!