Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Eggs Are Hiding? In The Grass?

More amazing firsts for our newest young, each one seemingly more illogical than the last ...

First you color the eggs?
Then some mysterious being hides them in the grass?
Then a mob of children run to find them?
Then you take them home and eat them?

"Mom, you're crazy"

We Americans ... We've got some bizarre traditions, but so far MB seems to love every ridiculous one of them.



  1. love the pictures. love that he questions it1!! and why wouldn't he?? you're right....we have some ridiculous traditions! but they sure are fun!!:0)

  2. Nothing says Jesus like a basket full of plastic grass and fake eggs filled with chocolate.

  3. LOL SFM. true. and those pictures are so amazing. that hand holding one? ugh. so cute.

  4. Our adopted kids were just reminding us how silly it was for them on their first easter egg hunt :) Our holiday traditions didn't seem weird till we started explaining them to our ethiopian children. The pictures are great.

  5. Our Ethiopia loves your photos of her friend!!