Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ethiopia Trip Journal - Day 9 - 10

We woke with the exciting and sad feeling of it being our last day in Ethiopia.  Thus far, no naps have occurred this week.  We are determined to change that today, especially considering our flight doesn't depart until midnight tonight.  We hired an excellent driver and friend** to take us to the Hilton for some swimming and lunch with a friend.  Oh sweet Diet Coke, I have missed you.  I might have drank 3 at lunch.

Pretty certain this was MB's first experience swimming, but he played it cool nonetheless.  That is, until he accidentally walked off the underwater ledge and I had to jump in and save him.  Up until that moment, anyone would have guessed this to be old hat.

 FYI - splashing and dunking transcends all language barriers.

Despite a short freak-out moment where MB decided to run off full speed in a crowded hotel, it was an excellent day.  FYI - the idea that a kid should tell his new parent when he has to go ka-ka when said kid hasn't been parented for two years and he knows perfectly well where the bathroom is - well, that's just crazy talk.

And yes, the kids did get a nap this day.  Thanks for askin'

The moment MB has been waiting for for who knows how long is finally here.  Aeroplane!!!  Amereeeca!  It's time to board a plane to America, and despite it being hours past their bedtime, I have one little boy who is uber excited.

 take-off was a little hairy ...

did I mention this kid is the king of cool?

have I also mentioned how horrible BMI misses the mark on "kid's meals?"  no joke - this is a kid's meal.  spinach, eggs (that taste like fish with the scales still on), stewed tomatoes and some sort of dough ball filled with onions.  it's like they see the mark, then turn 180 degrees the opposite direction and shoot.  then they realize their cruelty, and think "well, we'll at least put it in a cute box and add a candy bar because we're not totally heartless"

I was absolutely dreading these flights, DREADING.  But (I'm even nervous to say it out loud now for fear of jinxing it, which makes no sense at all because it's over) it actually went 1000 times smoother than I could have imagined. We Benadryl'd the kids for the first flight and they slept like rocks (FYI - if you're kids have never had Benadryl before, you should test it out sometime before flying because it sometimes can have the opposite effect, and wouldn't that be horrible?).  The on-demand movies and countless buttons helped.  MB was a big fan of the orange call light button, especially in the bathroom.  They put it right at 5 year-old eye level next to the stool, and it lights up when you push it.  It's like they're begging kids to ding it.

Tips for flying with newly adopted kids:  Electronics, and lots of them, an abundant amount of patience, crayons, pens and coloring books (stay alert because apparently 5 year-olds don't know not to color on the TV screen??), cameras kids can use and lots of snacks.  Also, I tend to be that slightly overanxious parent who wants to make sure their kid isn't kicking the seat in front of them or generally annoying everyone around them.  In order to survive this flight, I kinda had to throw that right out the window (sorry to the gentleman sitting in 31C - it had to be done).

And, 30 hours later we arrived home rested, refreshed and looking beautiful alive.

** if anyone is looking for a driver, we know several.  I would highly recommend our friend Melke.  He's about as safe a driver as they come in Addis, has a small but well-kept clean car and he's $40 USD per day, no matter where you want to go.  Comment or message me if you want his contact info.  Really great guy!

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  1. Thanks for the travel tips. Hopefully I need them SOON! :)