Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Firsts and Lasts

I'll never know when you first crawled, walked, talked or giggled.  But, unlike my other children, there are firsts that will forever be imprinted in my memory.  These I will not take for granted.

 first time seeing your brother since he was a newborn

 first time on a trampoline.  though you've improved considerably, first jump session you looked like a wet noodle

 first flip

 first homemade amusement park ride.  me'thinks we're in for some trouble in the years to come

 first snow.  yes, you loved it, though thought we had completely lost our marbles.  the following week when I wouldn't let you play in the rain, you said "snow wechi yes?  rain wechi no?"  (translation:  "mom, we can play outside in the snow, but not the rain?  am I the only one who sees the flaw in this logic?)

 first time riding a bike - with training wheels day 1, without day 4.  you are such a stubborn lil thing.  despite completely lacking the muscle development needed for this activity, you stayed in the driveway falling, getting up, falling, getting up until you had mastered it, which took about 3 days.

first time holding a rat (yes, my kids hate it when I call him that)

 first bath with your new brother and sister

 first time eating "ayes careem."  though you're not a huge fan of anything cold, you really really want to love it

first swim

first airplane ride

first romp in the sprinkler

and the first ornery dousing of baby brother with said sprinkler

Other firsts, equally as precious, though not photographed:

First ride on an escalator (which nearly bloodied your nose)
First ride on an elevator.  The confusion and wonderment in your eyes following the first jolt, then doors opening to an entirely different room:  Priceless!
First road trip (more on that gem later)

No idea how many more firsts you'll have son, but I promise you some lasts:  You have seen the last of that disgusting word orphan, the last of separation from your baby brother, the last time you'll be moved to an entirely new world without your consent or knowledge and the last time learning a new family.  This is your last stop buddy, and we're so thankful it is.



  1. I love all of this. The firsts, the lasts. Beautifully written, Cap't.

  2. Love this! Touching and funny at the same time.

  3. :-) Happy for all of you! Love seeing his beautiful smile!

  4. Love it! So happy he's finally home.

  5. Awesome! Abity taught himself to ride a bike in about the same time. He was so persistent! xo
    Tracy G

  6. Beautiful!! Those last few lines brought the tears though :) So happy for your family!

  7. This is beautiful. I LOVE his first little brother soaking! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this! Too the last time being an orphan and the many firsts with his forever family! Thank you for showing your journey!

  9. yes. and tomas still hates ice cream. :) he's so beautiful.