Monday, March 5, 2012

Ethiopia Trip Journal Day 8

We spent the morning staring at one another and wondering exactly how long it will take us in this hotel room to go completely mad. We tried to call a couple of drivers to come take us somewhere, anywhere, but generally last minute plans don't work so well in Ethiopia. Eventually we got a hold of our agency. Turns out they already had our Visa in hand, and so they said they would go ahead and send a driver over to pick us up.

We went to the office, said our goodbyes to the staff, got the all-important brown envelope (thank you Jesus. Yes, we promise not to open it) and then had the driver take us on a couple of quick shopping stops. The only one we took MB into was the Leprosy Hospital store, and I was an absolute nervous wreck. MB absolutely must touch EVERYthing and has a habit of putting anything he likes in his pocket, which gave me visions of him/us being arrested for shoplifting. We hurredly threw a big pile of stuff on the counter and cleared out. We then spent another quiet evening at the hotel (oh. my. word, we are going nuts trapped in this place), watching siblings bond and counting the minutes/hours until we can get home to our two wee ones.

Travel journal is winding down (even Mr. T says he's bored reading it), and then I promise I'll write about our transition.  I've had a few weeks to settle in to make me realize we might survive this after all add perspective.

Though spending this few extra days post-visa/post-custody is boring us out of our ever-lovin minds, I have to keep reminding myself that MB is not bored, everything he is seeing/experiencing is new and this time is a great opportunity for us to get to know him and bond with him without the distractions of two needy toddlers.  And so I will not go berserk I will appreciate it, and look forward to the day when two brothers are reunited.

 he was much more excited about the "idea" of ice cream (ayes careem) than he was it's cold reality

 a family of 5 goes through a lot of water in two days ...

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