Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Years Ago

Two years ago ...

we met the coolest bunch of people on the planet

we had a nanny hand us one of the most beautiful baby boys in the world and say "he's yours."

we walked to the steps of the care center and thought "what do we do now"

Two years ago, we visited an orphanage in rural southern Ethiopia, thinking we were getting a glimpse into our son's past. Little did we know, this was a peek into our future. You see, MB was already there waiting for us, though it would be 8 long months before we even had a clue.

Two years ago, we talked to nannies, social workers and a man who loves these boys beyond most people's comprehension. All these people knew the truth, though no one told us. I've spent a good spell in anger, frustration and thankfulness wondering why. Maybe someone did try to tell us but, because of processing and formalities, it wasn't translated. We'll never really know.

Two years ago, a set of three older boys clung to my skirts, cried mommy and absolutely broke my heart for the waiting child. Little did we know, nearly two years later one of those boys would be calling me mommy for the rest of my life.

Two years ago we thought our journey had ended. Really, it had just begun.



  1. Goosebumps and tears. Dang you, little woman!!!

  2. I can't even talk about the MB parts of this post... So I won't.
    Do you know what I LOVE about this post? The fact that it proves I am not as bad of a parent as I appear to be. Because look - Little Dude has his hand in the cake - it is proof that he was a determined young man with a sweet tooth long before I met him. So when he regularly climbs to the top of our refrigerator to find some candy we have tried to hide from him.... well, it isn't our parenting.

    1. Found him!!! I was looking all over for you 2 in this picture.

    2. HA! So glad my two year-old picture could give you such parenting affirmation. My job here is done :)

  3. LOVE Little Dude in the cake...it made me laugh out loud....
    But by the end, I was in tears. Sweet family...so glad you are together now.

  4. I love this. Such a beautiful, God-written story.