Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We'll Always Have London

Did I mention we spent a couple of days in London on the way to Ethiopia?  I honestly wasn't sure I'd love London.  Oy, I was wrong.  It was so amazing and I was terribly sad we had such a short time there.

We did and saw just about everything possible in two days, but meeting up with my friend Claudia was top of the list.  She showed us the ropes of London and taught us how to use the tube (subway).  After our tube lesson, Kari and I were seriously like 16-year-olds with a new driver's license, excited to be able to go anywhere in London we wanted.

Because hanging at a rooftop bar with an internet friend/author overlooking St. Paul's Cathedral and eating fish & chips at a 400-year-old pub is just how I hang on any average Wednesday night.  

Olde Cheshire Cheese for Fish & Chips.  Great recommendation Claudia's husband

Marble arch

Picadilly Circus, I think?

Did you see the size of that chicken?

The National Gallery

Big Ben

London Aquarium

London Eye as we cruised down the Thames River

Hmmm, what time is it?  If only there was a big clock around somewhere in this town
Westminster Abbey

Inside the Natural History Museum

London Tower (which is not really a tower at all, but a thousand-year-old castle)

Tower Bridge not to be confused with the London Bridge, which is actually quite ordinary

Tips for a short stay in London:  Definitely stay near a tube stop, and don't be afraid to buy a day pass and just figure it out.  We stayed near Paddington Station and so were very close to the tube as well as Heathrow Express (express train straight to the airport).  My top favorite places were probably: The National Gallery (loved all the ancient church art), Natural History Museum (mostly because the building was so giant, old and incredible) and the London Tower (though we only saw the outside because of time constraints).

I'm a huge fan of spending a few days in my layover city on the way to Ethiopia.  Because of Ethiopian layovers, we've been able to vacation in Amsterdam, Dubai and now London with no extra airfare expense.  I think London might be my fav!  If you are debating doing something like this, feel free to contact me and I'd love to share some of my favorite spots, tips and ideas with you.  I'm also a huge fan of making the most of two, three or four days, so my ideas probably won't be "relaxing."

You might remember here ... my friend Kari was not 100% stoked about going to Ethiopia (though turns out she loved every minute of it).  And so I was thinking, well if Kari does hate Ethiopia, at least we'll always have London.

p.s.  Today is Kari's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the best friends on the planet!

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  1. I had THE FUNNEST TIME EVER with you two. It was so, so good to finally meet you in person - and I'm super-grateful that I got to know Kari too - I just wish I could have jumped on the plane with you and gone onto your next stop, too. When are you coming back???? xxx