Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer 2014

Mr. T says I left my last blog sounding rather ominous.  "Life is messy and complicated," but I promise it is really, really good.  Incredibly busy, but really good.  Having five kids takes a lot of energy, yo!

Here's what we were up to last week ...

Sometimes having this many kids is hard work.  Just ask this guy...

Matching shirts ... lowering our "cool" factor but also lowering our kid-losing risk.  I'd say it's a good trade

Same clothes ... different day, same reason.

And the good news is, we lost zero children.  Boom

Mr. T and I have an almost identical photo of ourselves in front of an aquarium our first year of marriage, ah-hem, 17 years ago.  It was lacking a photobombing offspring

After two days and (I'm too embarrassed to admit how much) way too much money, my kids said they had just as good of a time at the beach.  The FREE beach.

Today's Amharic word of the day:  eh-reft

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  1. Wow! You went to the happiest place on earth! What fun!