Sunday, August 24, 2014


So, this happened last week ...

Yep, school started, and for the first time in ... ever ... all five of my children will be in school.  Taz is doing a Kindergarten homeschool enrichment program, so just two days per week, but whatev.  That's still two WHOLE DAYS per week!

Do you know what this means people?  It means I will never ever get that homeschool mom-of-the-year-award.  It means I will be at HOME with ZERO children for two WHOLE DAYS every week, which hasn't happened.  Ever.  I know this makes me sound less-than-saintly, but seriously people, I am giddy with this prospect.  I have no-end to Pinterest projects I would like to complete (just follow me on Pinterest to see), and I swear I'm going to exercise and have an organized house this year, if-it-kills-me.  But it won't, because I will have NO KIDS at home two WHOLE days each week.

And here is where I give ode-to-real-home-school-moms because clearly I am made of a different clothe. 

If there was an award for "most excited ever in the universe to start Kindergarten", this girl would have it bagged...

And here is where you tell me how cute my kids are ...  and I'll be like "ahh shucks, your kids are so cute too" (though inwardly thinking 'not as cute as mine')

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  1. Wow!!!! Time to yourself!!!! Enjoy!
    And ps, your kids ARE cute. :-)